And So We Begin

imageOk. It’s time. We are as ready as we are going to be. Let’s jump in.

This Sunday we are starting something new for our little community and for Dana Point. We are launching Laundry Love. More than 12 years ago a little revolution of kindness began with a simple conversation. Since then more than 600,000 loads of laundry have been washed, dried and folded and the lives of nearly half a million people have been touched.

Now it’s our turn to participate. It won’t be so difficult and it won’t be very demanding. A couple of rolls of quarters, a little of your time and a bit of kindness and you are in. Because in our world sharing, patience and gentleness really are revolutionary.

Our first time out is full of questions. How many people will come? How many loads of laundry we they do? Will there be other ways we can help?

This much we know: We will provide the laundry detergent and quarters for the machines and they will wash, dry and fold. We will start a with line and help each person in turn until all the laundry is done. Our last load will go in at 2:30.

We also know there is a car show on the street that day, but people will still be able to get in from the street/alley in the back. We have handed out flyers at low income housing that is a few hundred feet away. So they know that we will be there. Some have invited friends or family that can use the help. Now we pray that God will bring the people.

If you want to join us, consider doing some of these things:

** Tell your friends or family what we are doing. Maybe they can be of help or maybe they need a little help.
** Bring some quarters to donate. Two or three quarters would be great. Two or three rolls of quarters would also be great.
** Visit with us at the laundromat. Maybe you can come for a short time in the beginning or at the end or sometime in between. Or perhaps you want to spend the afternoon together helping and making new friends.

So we will do what we can. No guilt, no shaming, no blame. In a little revolution of kindness everyone is welcomed.

Thanks and see you Sunday.

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